How to successfully pass a casting?

The agency “ArtSky” conducts casting of dancers, for further cooperation, development of your talent, opportunities, and also for creating a career abroad! To do this, just fill out our questionnaire. You can do this in one of two ways that will be most convenient for you.

Fill out the application form in the Online application form, or download and pre-fill in, send us an e-mail. We also select the dancers from the video. When sending a video, you should also add a completed questionnaire and your photos: (profile, full face, portrait, full height, in suits).

More detailed information about our casting, you can find on our website, in the Casting section.

And now some tips on how to pass the casting:

  • Overcome the fear before the performance is very important and in order to do this you need to prepare and clearly understand what they want from you. The main task is to show oneself and make judges believe in you. Before the performance try to imagine that those who are waiting for you in the casting room, your old acquaintances, whom you will be happy to see, with whom you will want to tell about your creative life and about yourself. Also it is necessary to assume what questions they can ask and what you would like to tell them yourself.
  • On casting, it’s better to try to remove quality and modesty than to try to behave. When you are asked questions it is not necessary to answer dryly only “Yes” and “No”, give clear, extensive answers, carefully change the topics, but only those that will be relevant to those who are present there. You should interest them and, perhaps, this is the key to success. It must be made clear that you are an interesting person. To be interested, you must be active, and then you will be remembered.

This is the main advices to those who first go to the casting. Try to stick to them, and you will succeed. If you are engaged in dancing from an early age and simply do not imagine your life without music, then do not miss the opportunity.

Come to the castings for dancers.

We are looking forward to see you!