Lotte world

Lotte World Cultural and Entertainment Center is located in Seoul, near the Chamsil station. In it, besides the theme park, which also includes many exciting attractions, you have the opportunity to visit the ethnographic museum, ice rink, picturesque lake and many other interesting things.


Also in Lotte World there are various performances and festivals. Every year the attendance of the center is about 6 million people, 10% of which are foreign tourists. In the daytime, the lighting in the center is natural, as most of it is under a glass roof that perfectly passes sunlight. Lotte World is open to visitors 365 days a year in any weather.

The structure of Lotte World.

It is divided into two parts: internal and external, that is, under the open sky. Each part has its own theme and name: the inner part of the park is called “Adventure”, and the outer one, located near the lake Sokchhonho, is the “Magic Island”. In addition, the interior of the park is divided into several sectors, each representing a particular country in the world. In Lotte World you can ride on attractions, and in small souvenir shops to buy sweets and souvenirs. There are regularly held enchanting parades and laser shows, shows of the most interesting films. Located in Lotte World restaurants you can taste the cuisine of different nations of the world.

One of the most popular festivals of Lotte World is the carnival of the peoples of the world. During which more than 200 artists to the music, with dances and songs pass through the park in a festive procession. Carnival lasts from 14:00 to 17:30, and in the evening at 21:30, after dark, begins a colorful laser show.

Exciting and entertaining shows that you can enjoy in Lotte World, on a land of adventure and mystery!

Let’s enjoy together!